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Medical haematology reviews patients with inborn and acquired rare forms of anaemia, and other blood cell abnormalities and patients with blood clotting or bleeding problems.

Guidance for patients

Patients referred to the haematology service will be triaged. Appointments are only accepted after consultant review and sometimes patients will be redirected to a more appropriate specialty. This helps to support waiting times and avoid inappropriate appointments for patients.

What should I do if my health is deteriorating?

If you have not yet been seen by the service, please contact your GP for further advice who can escalate your appointment if required.

Patients who are under our existing care will have been provided with a phone number for our warfarin clinic, haemophilia clinic or specialist nurses.

Contact us

Anticoagulant service - for patients on oral anticoagulant medication.
01223 217127

Haemophilia service - for patients with bleeding disorders/haemophilia.
01223 257039

Thrombosis treatment team - for patients with possible DVT
01223 217877

General Haematology - for patients with TTP, ITP, sickle cell.
01223 217717