Who to call when

If you are worried about yourself or your baby and need to speak to a midwife straight away for advice please call the Rosie Assessment Line, this line will be answered anytime of the day or night:

01223 217217

If you are less than 13 weeks pregnant please call the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit: 

01223 217636

If you have a non-urgent question for your community midwife you can leave a message on the team answerphone and someone will return your call the next day (or after 8am if you leave a message early in the morning). Please make sure to include your contact number when you leave a message:

Please do not leave urgent messages on the answer phone. 

Ivy team  Tel: 01223 596 212   Rose team  Tel: 01223 349 316 
Lilac team  Tel: 01223 348 794   Scarlett team  Tel: 01223 349 376  
Lily team  Tel: 01223 586 787   Sienna team  Tel: 01223 349 314  
Primrose team  Tel: 01223 586 790  Sky team  Tel: 01223 348 943  

Other useful numbers:

Rosie Hospital main reception: 01223 217617

Ultrasound scan department: 01223 217621

Antenatal clinic: 01223 217664

Delivery Unit: 01223 217217

Rosie Birth Centre: 01223 217003

Screening Team: 01223 348666

If you feel you need to speak to senior midwife you can contact the midwifery manager of the day via Addenbrookes switchboard: Call 01223 245151 and ask them to bleep 1560984

This number will be answered anytime of the day or night, but please bear in mind that the midwife carrying the bleep may also be caring for patients and being called to attend emergencies, so they may only be able to take your details and then get an appropriate person to call you back.

The consultant midwives can also be reached via Addenbrookes switchboard during normal working hours: Call 01223 245151 and ask them to bleep 157181


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