Visitor information (JVF ICU)

On the John Farman Intensive Care Unit we operate a system of open visiting, meaning that relatives are welcome to visit their loved ones at any time. However, mornings are the busiest time of day and doctors ward rounds take place every day (09:00-12:30 then 15:00-16:30) – visitors are likely to be asked to wait in the relative’s room, for confidentiality and privacy reasons. 

For the security of both patients and staff, the doors to the unit are kept locked. Entry can be obtained through using the intercom buzzer to the left of the main doors. Upon entering the unit, all visitors should report to the reception desk.

The use of mobile phones is prohibited on the unit. Visitors will be asked to leave the unit should they wish to make or receive calls and texts. Under no circumstances may any photographs be taken on JVF ICU.

The standard procedure throughout the Trust is to only allow 2 visitors per bed space at any one time. In certain circumstances however, this can be discussed with the nurse-in-charge.

We also ask that one person, most likely the next-of-kin, is responsible for phoning the unit for updates. This is so nursing time is not taken up answering too many phone calls.

If you want to bring a child on to the unit, we urge you to speak to the nurse-in-charge to discuss whether or not this would be appropriate. Young children, especially babies, do not have fully developed immune systems so bringing them onto the unit could be a health risk to them and other patients.

Some accommodation is available on site, but this is very limited. Please speak to the ward clerk who will be able to advise you further.

Whilst on the unit, visitors are welcome to use the facilities located in the relative’s room which is located just outside the main unit doors. There is a supply of tea and coffee for relatives to use should they wish. Furthermore the concourse is located one level down and has a number of food outlets and shops available. 

If your relative is likely to be admitted for more than a few days, visitors can get a discounted parking ticket from the ward clerk. This allows you to exit from the car park for 14 consecutive days. Tickets are limited to one per family and the same car park must be used each day. The ward clerk will be able to advise you further.