Visitor information for:

John Farman ICU (JFICU)

Neurosciences & Major Trauma Critical Care (NCCU)

Intermediate Dependency Area (IDA)

End of Life Care


We have taken the very difficult decision to suspend routine face-to-face visiting by families of patients in Addenbrooke’s intensive care units. Our sole focus in taking this decision is the safety of our patients, families and loved ones, and our staff. 

The number of coronavirus patients on the intensive care units is increasing; we face an urgent need to restrict the spread of the infection and keep patients and staff safe.   

This means that families of patients on the John Farman ICU (JFICU), the Intermediate Dependency Area (IDA) and Neurosciences & Major Trauma Critical Care (NCCU) will not be able to visit in person.

Relatives will be able to phone the intensive care unit and speak to the nursing staff to receive up to date information: 

- JFICU - 01223 216782 

- NCCU - 01223 216297  

- IDA - 01223 256523

Medical staff will speak to relatives via telephone to update them. In order to try to protect nurses’ and doctors’ time, we ask families to identify one family member as the spokesperson for phone calls and discussions with staff.   

Where possible, relatives will be able to speak to patients via phone or communicate with them via methods such as FaceTime. 


End of Life Care:

A patient who is receiving end of life care, but who is not on a critical care ward will be allowed a visit from one person, for one hour only.

We know that this is an incredibly difficult time and we know that this decision will be distressing for many – ourselves included. But by taking these difficult decisions, we can save lives. 

Please know that we are doing everything we can to keep each other safe – patients, staff and families. Nothing matters to us more. 

We will continue to review our visiting policy as the situation regarding COVID-19 develops. 

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