Video: Together we can fight infection

When the winter months arrive, so do a whole host of infections including Clostridium Difficile, influenza (flu) and norovirus. These illnesses are extremely harmful to patients, and can cost lives.

Our infection control video guides staff, patients and visitors through the six-step hand-washing process, intended to ensure that hands are completely clean.

No patient should come to harm under our care, so keeping them safe at all times is our priority. We need you to share this message, and this video with friends, family and colleagues, to remind them that the best and easiest way to keep everyone safe and well, is to simply wash your hands.

The video forms part of a larger rebranding of our entire infection control materials, including screensavers and giant posters, which you can see on display in the main reception areas and concourse seating area.

We hope that you enjoy the video, and that you will join us in our efforts to reduce avoidable infections in all of our patients.

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