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It is with regret that we have had to suspend our Midwife-led group Hypnobirthing sessions for the foreseeable future, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We are currently working on devising online hypnobirthing coaching, and will post on this website when we have more information.  

If you would like any further information on Hypnobirthing at the Rosie please contact our Consultant Midwife Claire Parker on claire.parker@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

What is Hypnobirthing and how does it work?

Hypnobirthing is a new and exciting service that is run by midwives at the Rosie for you and your partners. Hypnobirthing is a complete education programme that develops and teaches techniques that can help towards a natural, calmer, labour and birth. You will be taught breathing, visualisation, massage, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques which can help to reduce the effects of anxiety and tension. These techniques can be incorporated into other everyday life situations to aid relaxation. Each course provides 10 hours of training over 4 weeks on weekday evenings.

The ideal time to attend your Hypnobirthing course is at 30-32 weeks into your pregnancy. The courses are run by midwives who have trained as hypnobirthing practitioners giving you the benefit of professionals who have expertise in pregnancy, labour, birth and hypnobirthing.

Who is Hypnobirthing for?

Hypnobirthing has the potential to work for all births and research suggests women who have received hypnosis training require significantly less pharmacological pain relief and a decreased need for labour augmentation with oxytocic drugs. Evidence supports it as a tool for increasing normal births and reducing operative delivery rates. Babies born using hypnobirthing techniques tend to be more alert, calm, feed better and sleep better as they have been brought into the world at their own pace in a more calm and gentle way.

During the course you will learn:

  • Everything you will need to know to achieve a more comfortable birth
  • Explore the relationship with pain and labour and how to work with your sensations
  • Deep relaxation techniques to help eliminate fear and tension
  • Role of hormones in labour and their impact on birth
  • How to create a calm and serene environment for you and your partner
  • Breathing & relaxation techniques

Birthing partners will learn:

  • Massage/rebozo skills
  • How to create a relaxing birth room
  • Quick techniques to slow her breathing
  • Techniques to develop relationships
  • How to use visualization scripts

How much does Hypnobirthing cost?

The cost is £250 per couple. Each class will have a maximum of 8 couples.

How to book:

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Feedback from our users:

"Fantastic course – I have no doubt that the techniques we learnt kept us both calm and feeling in control through what turned out to be a very quick labour and birth and allowed me to have the natural birth that I wanted".

- Jess & Andy, Girton, Cambs

"We really enjoyed the hypnobirthing course. It’s a good mixture of what to expect during labour and what methods one can use to minimise the effect of pain. The techniques you will learn will be useful throughout your life, not just during labour".

- Lillian and Nik, Cambridge

“We are utterly in love and can’t thank all the team in the Rosie enough, and the Hypnobirthing course meant we had THE MOST calm, relaxing birth full of laughter and funny moments.  I’m thinking of all of you who are next promising that because of the course, your going to have such an enjoyable birth!  That’s a promise!”

- Caroline and David, Cambridge

The midwives who will be delivering your Hypnobirthing course.


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