Gynaecology assessment unit

We run a special service for women with gynaecology emergencies such as acute pelvic pain, bleeding, inability to pass urine, reaction to fertility treatment and vaginal trauma
Opening times: 

08:00 - 20:30 Monday - Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

08:30 - 14:00 Saturday - Sunday 

01223 217636

Sandra Kent

Senior Gynaecology Sister
Sandra Kent, Senior Gynaecology Sister

It’s a real pleasure when we are able to make a difference, even in very difficult circumstances.

Finding us: 

Clinic 24 is on the ground floor of the Rosie hospital, next to the ultrasound department and opposite clinic 21; Rosie outpatients. Head straight through the Rosie reception area, past the Pavilion cafe and follow the signs to clinic 24, which is on the left. 

If you are coming to the Rosie by car, please park in car park 2

Clinic 24 is managed by a dedicated team of specialist nurses, supported by obstetricians and gynaecologists. It has been recently refurbished and includes ultrasound imaging.

We see women with gynaecological emergencies such as:

  • Acute pelvic pain
  • Vaginal bleeding e.g. after a  Lettz procedure
  • Simple cutaneous cysts if these become infected
  • Women with urgent issues regarding vaginal pessaries
  • Women with difficulty passing urine after surgery
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) during fertility treatment
  • Assessment of vaginal trauma

If you have problems following day surgery or your discharge from Daphne ward, please call 01223 257206 for advice before coming into the clinic.

The clinic also includes the early pregnancy unit for women up to 12 weeks and six days pregnant with problems including pain and bleeding.

What happens in the clinic

When you arrive at the clinic, please book in at reception. A nurse will ask you about your symptoms and record key observations, so that we can decide on the best care for you. You may be cared for by our specialist nursing team, or referred to a doctor.

We aim to see all our patients as quickly as possible. The length of time you wait will depend on how many patients are in the clinic and how seriously ill they are. We do need to give priority to people who need immediate attention. This means that we do not always see patients in the order in which they arrive.

Our staff will be on hand to help you if you need and to explain any delays. If you have any questions while you are waiting, please ask us.

If you see a doctor, s/he will ask about your full medical history and may need to examine you. 

As part of your assessment, you may need a scan. We will discuss the results of any scans with you while you are in the clinic.

Once we have finished our assessment, we will decide the best way forward and will discuss this with you before you leave the clinic:

  • We may discharge you, with no further follow up needed
  • We may discharge you, but need to follow up. We will usually follow up by telephone, but may ask you to return to the clinic for further treatment
  • We may discharge you into the care of your GP
  • We made need to admit you as an inpatient to Daphne ward

Who can come with you

Unfortunately, space in the clinic is limited, so we ask that you bring no more than one person with you to support you while you are with us. You should be aware that the clinic is not a suitable environment for young children.