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Training Opportunities

A list of training for our researchers

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training

Please visit the GCP training under Setting Up A Project on our website to find out more about our tutor-led and online courses. For more information and to subscribe to the course, please contact sylvie.robinson@addenbrookes.nhs.uk or call 01223 348490.

Epic functionality training for research staff

Further training sessions are available to support researchers in setting up studies and documenting research activities in Epic. The half-day interactive sessions led by a trainer will explain features and functionalities for staff who are new to research at the Trust.

If you are a researcher new to the Trust and are yet to have your initial Epic training, you must complete initial training (either the Epic clinical review or Epic outpatient nurse courses depending on your job role) before you can book onto the research training course. To book initial Epic training please email ehospitaltraining@addenbrookes.nhs.uk.

If you have completed initial Epic training and would like to book onto the research course, please use the same email address above but state 'eHospital Epic Research Training' in the subject line.