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NIHR branding information

If you are publishing research findings or publicising your research - and that project has received NIHR funding or support - you must acknowledge the NIHR in your publication or press release: please see our acknowledgement summary below.

But at what point in your communications do you use the NIHR logo or colour bar which is also part of their branding?

The simplest answer is that you do not need to use the NIHR logo (or its accompanying colour bar) in any of the following:

  • research study posters for events
  • research summaries/ briefings
  • research reports, articles or papers
  • press releases/awards
  • peer-reviewed journal articles, including reviews, abstracts and letters

However there may be times when it is relevant to include the NIHR logo, for example in a poster which mentions all the support and funding the research has received.

Depending on the content and context of the poster or other material you may wish to position the NIHR logo at the top right (but only if it is the main funder).

The size of the logo will depend on the size of the material and the NIHR logotype guidelines have more information on this.

It's also very important that you stick to the minimum exclusion zones around the logo (i.e., no text or images is placed within this area).

  • For more on NIHR branding go to the One NIHR site.
  • If after reading the NIHR acknowledgement sheet you still have branding questions, please contact the NIHR Cambridge BRC at