NIHR branding information

If you are publishing research findings or publicising your research which has received funding and/or support from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), you must acknowledge the NIHR: please refer to the NIHR Cambridge BRC website.

But at what point in your communications do you use the NIHR logo?

The simplest answer is that you do not need to use the NIHR logo in any of the following:

  • research study posters for events
  • research summaries/ briefings
  • research reports, articles or papers
  • press releases/awards
  • peer-reviewed journal articles, including reviews, abstracts and letters

However there may be times when it is relevant to include an NIHR logo, for example in a poster which mentions all the support and funding the research has received.

More information on the type of logo, size and colour is available on the NIHR Cambridge BRC website. You can also download NIHR logos and templates from this website.

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