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Innovation management

In the NHS, innovation occurs in the delivery of patient care, in the education and training of employees and in R&D programmes. Most innovations are best implemented by making them freely available through normal knowledge management processes when they have demonstrated a quantifiable health gain.

However, some innovations are inventions which can be realised only through commercial development, and for these the R&D Department works with Cambridge Enterprise and Health Enterprise East to support investigators in exploiting any new intellectual property. Cambridge Enterprise leads on the development and exploitation of any intellectual property which has been created by Trust employees working with University colleagues. Health Enterprise East leads on the development and exploitation of any intellectual property which did not involve a University employee in its creation.

Dr Dafne Chirivino is Senior BRC Intellectual Property Associate and works with Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) Research & Development and Cambridge Enterprise to identify and commercialize intellectual property, originating from research carried out within the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), which is a partnership between CUH and University of Cambridge.

Intellectual property is managed in accordance with the Trust’s Intellectual Property Policy. To find out more and if you have any innovative ideas you'd like to discuss please contact: