Health Enterprise East

Join Health Enterprise East and be part of the team shaping medical technologies

NHS Innovations East, with support from the Health Innovation Education Cluster (HIEC) and the UK Intellectual Property Office, is appealing to NHS professionals across the UK to help shape the medical technology of the future by joining the Health Enterprise East

The network seeks expert clinical opinion, which is vital when new medical technologies are being developed by Industry, in order to ensure that your unmet clinical needs are addressed as effectively as possible and new products are ‘fit for purpose’ within the NHS.

·         You have an opportunity to help shape new medical technologies and engage with industry

·         Important opportunities can be channeled to you and your team

·         You can gain recognition by being involved in the latest medical advances

·         You and your department may secure new income streams

·         You find new ways to improve patient outcomes within available resources

With the Network managed by NHS Innovation East, only genuine contacts from recognised companies will be introduced to us by them, should you have any queries, please contact Tim Fishlock 

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