Feeling unwell or injured? Make sure you choose the right service.

What else can I do?

Wherever possible we try to find work placements for as many students as we can. However we only have a limited number of placements each year.

So what can you do as an alternative?

You could try:

  • Caring in the local community – ring up or visit your local care homes or organisations and explain that you are willing and looking for work experience.
  • Local GP Practice – see what advice and guidance they can offer.
  • Charitable organisations – there are always local charities that are looking for extra help. This could include charity shops as well.
  • Local organisations such as libraries and community centres may well be looking for some extra help during your work experience period.
  • Local gyms – this may depend on what area of medicine or healthcare you are interested in, but for example, physiotherapy or sports science could easily lend itself to some experience in a gym.
  • Visit the ‘Do It’ website for ideas on other volunteering opportunities:
  • Apply for an apprenticeship