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Caroline Wright

Theatre support worker
Caroline Wright

This is the ultimate in patient care, a real team culture and incredibly interesting.

What is it like?

We have 37 operating theatres which cover a range of surgery including

  • elective surgery ie routine planned oeprations
  • emergency surgery
  • day surgery where patients go home on the same day as their operation
  • inpatient surgery where people remain in hospital after and sometimes before surgery

We also run a theatre pre-assessment unit. This means that patients do not need to come into hospital till the day of certain operations.

Altogether around 600 staff work across our theatres.

What will I do?

As a TSW you will:

  • collecting patients from the wards and taking them to the operating theatres 
  • talking with and reassuring patients during this transfer
  • making sure that the ODP / surgeon / anaesthetist is aware of problems and concerns that you cannot answer yourself
  • sitting and talking with patients who are undergoing procedures under local anaesthetic as a way of supporting and reassuring them
  • taking part in all the required checks in theatre, eg counting, checking and documenting instruments used during an operation
  • understanding the equipment used and being able to place it in the correct position
  • helping with the collection of specimens
  • cleaning the operating theatre before, between and after operations
  • helping ensure that patient safety is at the heart of all we do in theatres