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Fiona Parr

Healthcare assistant
Fiona Parr

We all do our very best to help each other out. This job isn’t easy, but it's worth it.

What is it like?

Cancer services is a very busy division. We treat our patients as outpatients in clinics and inpatients on the wards. We are a specialist centre for rarer types of cancer, so treat people from across our region.

Cancer services covers four areas of treatment: 

  • chemotherapy - uses medication to destroy cancer cells
  • haematology – treats cancers of the blood as well as non-cancerous blood disorders 
  • radiotherapy – uses high energy radiation to treat a variety of cancers
  • palliative care - offers specialist advice and support both on symptoms and total care of patients with life-limiting illness

It may seem tough to be working with people with a life threatening illness, undergoing treatments which are often difficult. However the team is friendly and supportive and the rewards in terms of job satisfaction are high. As an HCA, you will have the opportunity to help people through difficult times and build a real rapport with long term patients.

What will I do?

Your tasks as an HCA in cancer services will be very similar to those performed by HCAs across the Trust. These include weighing and measuring patients and recording the results, monitoring patients blood pressure, pulse and respiration, helping patients on the wards stay clean, comfortable and safe and working to prevent the spread of infection.

You will need to be a sympathetic listener and good communicator, happy to engage with patients and their visitors and provide support where needed.