We recognise that sometimes, sadly and despite our best efforts, things can go wrong.  In these circumstances, and in line with the Being Open policy, we promise to:

  • acknowledge that something has gone wrong
  • make sure that patients, their relatives and carers are made aware at the earliest opportunity
  • recognise any distress the incident may have caused and offer a sincere and compassionate apology
  • explain that we will investigate fully and keep you informed at every stage
  • provide a full and comprehensive explanation of what went wrong and why
  • explain what will be done to prevent it happening again
  • offer support and counselling services as needed
  • respect your confidentiality
  • ensure the continuity of your care

Please help us to make our hospital as safe as it can be – if you are anxious or have concerns about your care and treatment, please do raise them with the healthcare professionals looking after you. We assure you this will not compromise your future care and you will be treated with respect.

We also expect and encourage all our staff to raise any concerns they have to help us do our best for patients and keep them safe.

If you feel uncomfortable discussing your concern with the staff providing your care, please contact Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) based near the main entrance of the hospital.

Tel: 01223 216 756