Medical Research Council

The MRC invests in world-class scientists, trains the research leaders of tomorrow and sustains a flourishing environment for internationally recognised research.

For 100 years the Medical Research Council has improved the health of people in the UK and around the world by supporting the highest quality science. 

Around £60m is invested annually in the MRC research establishments in Cambridge. In addition, the MRC invests heavily in universities, including fellowships, grants and studentships in Cambridge with lifetime awards valued at around £130 million.

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) is a flagship of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and continues as a world-class institute for basic science. 

The MRC Biostatistics Unit, the MRC Cancer Cell Unit, the MRC Epidemiology Unit and the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit are also based on the Campus.  

Key strategic areas of MRC research in the region include: neurosciences, including the use of brain imaging; cancer, including prevention and novel therapeutic approaches; diabetes, obesity, and nutrition, as part of broader strategic efforts in Cambridge; studies of the biology of the mitochondria and relevance to disease and biostatistics.