Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) will be home to one of the largest internationally competitive concentrations of healthcare-related talent and enterprise in Europe.

The result of the long-term collaboration between Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) and partners, the University of Cambridge, the Medical Research Council (MRC), Countryside Properties and Liberty Property Trust – the CBC will provide facilities for local, national and international patients and will also be a centre for biomedical research and healthcare education. A home to academic, commercial and healthcare facilities for the 17,000 people working on the campus, the CBC will be a 140-acre ‘medical city’.

Outline planning permission for the CBC has now been granted by Cambridge City Council and a Section 106 has been signed. This has released the additional 70 acres of land so space is available to create hospital facilities to match the demands of the 21st century population and to provide new space for research investment from international companies.

September 2009 saw the unveiling of the masterplan for the physical development of the CBC. Occupying almost the same area as the University does in the city, the CBC will echo the layout of the city streets and the colleges with their courts.