Our partners

Excellent and innovative care has its foundation in strong partnership working. Our focus as an organisation is supported through our relationships with local partners in the city and across the region. This crosses all our work: patient care, teaching and research.

Partnerships in patient care

Much of patient care depends on partner NHS and social care organisations such as other hospitals, GPs and councils. We aim to build strong and collaborative relationships so patients get the right care in the in the right place at the right time.

Partnerships in teaching

Good patient care also depends on good training. Teaching is part of our culture. We are the teaching hospital for doctors with the University of Cambridge and for nurses with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU).

These strong links between education and clinical practice do not only foster excellence in patient care. They also support a thriving research community.

These links exist not only within the hospital but also with partner organisations who collaborate across the campus – for example the MRC, Wellcome Trust and CRUK.

Partnerships in research

CUH works with other NHS organisations, universities, research councils and charities and industry to build research capacity and support excellence in clinical research that benefits patients by translating science from the laboratory bench to the bedside.

Innovation is also an incentive for partnership working. We have close relationships with commercial partners – key to the development of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Our campus masterplan highlights initiatives for future expansion including new clinical facilities as well as education, hotel and conference facilities. We also work with commercial partners in Cambridge and nationally to capitalise on the innovations in clinical practice that staff have developed.