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Divisional directorates

All the clinical departments at CUH are clustered together into five divisions:

Division A: MSK; Digestive Diseases and ICU/Periops
Division B: Cancer; Labs; Imaging and Clinical support
Division C: Acute Medicine; Inflammation/Infection; Transplant
Division D: Neuroscience; ENT/ Head and neck/ Plastics; Cardiovascular-Metabolic
Division E: Medical Paediatrics; Paediatric Critical Care and Surgery Paediatrics; Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Each division is headed by a divisional director:

Division A:  Basil Matta
Division B:  Ashley Shaw
Division C:  Ewen Cameron
Division D:  Mark Manford
Division E:  Robert Heuschkel

Each divisional director is supported by a deputy divisional director responsible for research governance and research strategy, with a senior team comprising an Associate Director of Operations, Clinical Directors, Divisional Nurse  who are supported by a divisional finance manager and OD manager.

Support services

The delivery of patient care is provided by an infrastructure of functions: Workforce Directorate (including Human Resources), Finance, Patient services, Estates and Facilities, Communications, IT, Information, Strategy and Planning, Corporate affairs, Public Engagement, and Quality and Clinical Risk.