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Oral and maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics - Clinic 8

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Caring for outpatients who require treatment for conditions relating to maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics.

Attend Anywhere video consultation

Did you know your outpatient appointment for this service may now be done by video consultation using Attend Anywhere. This enables you to be able to attend your appointment from home, saving you time and money.

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Urgent advice: COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) and Orthodontic Treatment

We are responding to the ever changing climate, and challenges presented by COVID-19. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our patients and workforce. Regrettably this means that we have taken the difficult decision to postpone all routine appointments for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment except in the case of an emergency.

An emergency (or urgent problem) can be defined as:

  • Anything which is causing pain e.g. wires / components digging in
  • Lost retainers
  • Retainers damaged to extent retainer can not be worn
  • Sudden changes in tooth mobility (movement) - unusual presentation
  • Sudden changes in tooth colour- unusual presentation
  • Traumatic injuries during orthodontic treatment

If you experience any of the above in the first instance please contact the orthodontic department for advice on 01223 806000 and appropriate advice will be provided.