Discharge from occupational therapy

What if I need equipment on discharge?

Your therapist will discuss with you, and possibly a relative, your individual needs when you are discharged. After careful assessment, and if it is appropriate, your occupational therapist might give you one or more of the following:

A splint, which can help support and rest affected joints when they are painful. These are made just for you and do not have to be returned.

Aids for daily living (ADL) aids (such as bathing aids, chair raisers) or mobility aids such as wheelchairs. This equipment is supplied by your local equipment store or wheel chair service but can be arranged through Addenbrooke's Hospital. These aids must be returned to your local equipment store when no longer required.

What should I do if I have occupational therapy-related problems after my treatment is finished?

If you have any problems after you have been discharged from the Occupational Therapy Department at Addenbrooke's, please contact the Department or your general practitioner (GP).