Department philosophy

The cccupational therapy department at Addenbrooke's aims to provide the highest standard of professional care when treating its patients - whether they have pain, dysfunction and/or mental impairment.

The department aims to provide effective and efficient treatment using evidence-based practice in order to optimise and improve the independence of a patient.

Advice and education is offered to patients and their families and/or carers as part of the treatment provided.

The philosophy of the occupational therapy department is to both promote occupational therapy and advance the highest occupational therapy standards in patient care.

We aim to:

  • Provide quality care according to patient needs;
  • Base care on agreed and established clinical standards;
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with patients and carers;
  • Treat patients with respect;
  • Respond to patients' requirements;
  • Work as effective members of the health and social care team.