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Welcome to the obesity service at Addenbrooke's

Obesity is the medical term for having too much fat stored in your body for good health.

When people gain weight through a ‘positive energy balance’, that is more energy (food and drink) coming into the body than is being spent through activity and exercise, the surplus energy is stored mainly in fat cells that are present throughout the body. Nothing has to ‘go wrong’ for this process to happen. 

Obesity contact information

Obesity secretary: 01223 348124
Clinical obesity team: 01223 348251

Obesity Clinic Box 281, Wolfson Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic, Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Hills Road, Cambridge , CB2 0QQ

Find us: We are located in Clinic 32 - the Wolfson Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic – on the ground floor of the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre.