DNA extraction and sequencing

The laboratory has many active research collaborations with clinical colleagues. Please contact the deputy director if you have enquiries about research or the services available for clinical and research groups below:

DNA extraction for blood samples taken for either diagnostic or research analysis

Please download the guidance for diagnostic laboratories collecting sending blood samples for DNA extraction PDFs below. If sample numbers are >2000 then costs can be discussed.

Molecular sequencing service for sequencing products in 96 well format to be analysed on the ABI 3130/3730

Routine samples processed within 5 working days.

Urgent samples can be processed within 24-48h: 48hr notice must be provided.

Please see Genetics labs sequencing service PDF download below for additional information regarding sample preparation and costs.

Diagnostic confirmation of mutations found on a research basis

A clinical report will be issued and, if appropriate, testing can then be offered to other family members.