Our epilepsy team provides both inpatient and outpatient care for thousands of people with epilepsy, from diagnosis to treatment and long-term follow up.

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Erica Chisanga

Consultant Nurse - Epilepsies
Erica Chisanga

The comprehensive service is run by specialists with expertise in managing epilepsy, which is the most common neurological condition in the UK and affects around 456,000 people.

Epilepsy causes recurrent and unprovoked seizures by interrupting the electrical signals within the brain. Sudden and brief, the seizures cause a change in a person’s awareness of where they are or what they are doing, their behaviour or their feelings, and can involve convulsions and jerking movements.

There are lots of different types of epileptic seizure, and each varies greatly depending on which part of the brain it has affected. Around one in twenty people will have a single epileptic seizure at some point during their life, but this does not mean they have epilepsy.

Some people have non-epileptic attacks (NEAs), which can look like epilepsy but are not caused by abnormalities of brain electricity. Instead, these attacks may be due to fainting, irregularity of the heartbeat or psychological stresses.


Dr Mark Manford
Consultant Neurologist
Department of Neurology
Tel: 01223 216 759 

Erica Chisanga
MSc Epileptology
Epilepsy Nurse Practitioner
Tel: 01223 217 992

Dr Tejal Mitchell
Consultant Neurologist
Department of Neurology 
Tel: 01223 216 759

Epilepsy clinics

Consultant led clinics:

Dr Mark Manford 
Thursday mornings R3 Neuroscience Outpatients

Dr Tejal Mitchel
Alternate Thursday mornings R3 Neuroscience Outpatients

Nurse led clinic: 

Erica Chisanga 
Tuesday afternoon R3 Neuroscience Outpatients 
Thursday morning R3 Neuroscience Outpatients

> R3 - Neuroscience

Epilepsy in Pregnancy Clinic

Nurse-led clinic: Erica Chisanga 
Wednesday Afternoon (Monthly) Rosie Maternity Hospital Outpatients

Vagal Nerve Stimulation Clinic

Nurse-led clinic: Erica Chisanga 
Thursday morning (monthly) R3 Neuroscience Outpatients

First Seizure Clinics

Consultant led: Dr M. Manford, Dr S.Sawcer and Dr C.Allen
Monday-Friday between 09.30 and 10.30 only

Neurology clinics

Epilepsy patients are also seen in general neurology clinics which are run in other areas of the hospital mainly clinic 12 and R3. More details of the general neurology clinics can be found under neuroscience services

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