Our Research and how to take part

The Department of Ophthalmology at CUH hosts some of the world’s leading clinician-scientists with expertise in a variety of sub-specialty areas of Ophthalmology that includes glaucoma, corneal, retinal, neuro-ophthalmology, mitochondrial diseases, uveitis, ophthalmic epidemiology and paediatric ophthalmology.

Some examples of current high quality research studies are given below:


Subject (and investigator/s)

Devices Clinical trials

CATCAM: Choroidal reflectance camera for neonatal eye screening: Proof of concept trial of a novel imaging system to assess and document choroidal reflectance in infants for the detection of cataract and media opacities. (Allen)

VisusNano: a biotech start-up developing a drug-eluting intraocular lens, for patients undergoing cataract surgery (Alexander)

Pharma Clinical trials

New sustained release drug-delivery devices for glaucoma (Martin)

New medications, ROCK inhibitors, for topical glaucoma therapy (Bourne)

LEAVO: Clinical and cost effectiveness of intravitreal therapy for Macular Oedema due to Central Vein Occlusion (Newman)

Uveitis/ Ocular Inflammation

Evaluating intravitreal therapies in treatment of persistent uveitic macular edema (Damato)

Corneal Transplant

Randomised controlled trial of corneal transplant outcomes DSAEK vs DMEK (Rajan)

Eye Trauma

ASCOT: Use of intraocular and periocular steroids vs standard treatment for open globe trauma (Poulson)


Non invasive imaging of ocular blood flow in Glaucoma (Martin)

Ocular Genetics

Actively contributing to a number of flagship genomic programmes (such as the NIHR BioResource and Genomics England) to elucidate the genetic basis of inherited forms of blindness (Yu-Wai-Man)

Technology innovation

Health avatars and behavioural self-modification in glaucoma care (Bourne)

Observational studies

Sleep Apnoea and Glaucoma (Bourne & Smith [Papworth])

Stickler’s Syndrome (Snead, Shahid)

Gene and Stem cell therapies

Strong basic science programme in the use of gene and stem cell therapies to treat optic nerve disease; Phase I clinical trial of the first ever gene therapy for glaucoma now being planned in partnership with a major pharma company (Martin)

Epidemiology of glaucoma and eye disease

Coordination of the Global Vision Database that provides World’s blindness and vision impairment data (Bourne)

Molecular Genetic Study of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (Martin)

Trainee Research Network

Patient-related outcomes and Experience measures in Glaucoma (Scollo, Somner, Bourne)


For patients & carers

How to Take Part

Details of clinical trials that are open to recruitment can be found at the UK Clinical Trials Gateway:

UK Clinical Trials Gateway