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Art collection, exhibitions and commissions

Cambridge University Hospitals art collection

The CUH Art Collection consists of several thousand artworks donated by artists, our staff and the general public. Works of every scale and medium populate the hospital walls and gardens, and are a key part of our mission to improve the hospital environment and experience.

There is a wealth of evidence that shows that art:

  • Supports better clinical outcomes and recovery
  • Boosts mood
  • Makes environments feel more homely and welcoming
  • Offers positive distraction and relaxation opportunities
  • Improves staff wellbeing
  • Offers a discussion point and a means for staff and patients to interact
  • Aids wayfinding

If you are interested in donating artwork to our collection please click here for more information.

Integrated art and environment

The environment is crucial to how we live and recover, with art and design playing an integral part… Hospital environments are needed which encourage patients to feel welcome, looked after and cared for, and in which staff feel valued.

Department of Health and King’s Fund (2006)

CUH Arts commissions designers and artists to produce bespoke commissions for our hospitals, transforming the healthcare environment for patients, staff and visitors. Commissions range from large-scale integrated artworks as part of capital builds and refurbishments, through to gentle enhancements of existing spaces.

Sculpture in the Jubilee gardens
'One Cannot Collect All the Beautiful Shells on the Beach', Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley (b.1954), sculpture in our Jubilee Garden
"Microscope" artwork by the entrance to the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre
'Microscape', Michael Brennand-Wood (b. 1952), one panel of larger work at the entrance of the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre.