Overseas patients

We comply with national (and European Union) legislation about who is eligible for free NHS treatment.

The paying patients office, is the first point of contact for all enquiries about eligibility, insurance and private treatment:

+44 (0)1223 216999 (All EU, EEA and Overseas Patients Enquiries)
+44 (0)1223 254517 (All UK Private Patients Enquiries)

Patients from outside the UK

EU and EEA patients

If you are visiting the UK specifically for the purpose of a planned treatment, you will need an E112 form as well as a referral letter from your doctor. Treatment will be provided under the same conditions of care and payment that apply in your country of residence. This could mean you have to pay a percentage of the costs personally.

Please make sure that you are aware of the conditions that apply to your treatment in the UK well in advance of your travel.

If you need emergency care or certain types of routine care because of a long term condition or pregnancy, this should be covered by your EHIC card. Please note that the terms and conditions differ from country to country and make sure that you are aware of what is covered, before you visit the UK.

Patients from outside the EU / EEA

You will be required to pay for their visit as a private patient, whether emergency, routine or planned.

Please contact the paying patients office:

  • If you are visiting the UK specifically for the purpose of planned treatment
  • If you have a long term condition and may need treatment in Cambridge while visiting the UK