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Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you, or an authorised representative, are entitled to access your clinical records, or any other personal information held about you.

The act allows individuals to access your own records. If you wish to gain access to any other type of recorded information held within the Trust please see the Freedom of Information pages.

How can I see my records?

To make a Subject Access Request, or in other words, to ask to see your own health records you will need to fill in an Application for Access to Health Records Form (download below).

If you are unable to print off this form then paper copies are available from the Information Centre/Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) located to the left of the Trust’s main reception.

Your written request should be sent to:

The Access to Health Records Officer
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Box 82,
Hills Road

Please state who you are and how you can be contacted.

You may wish to obtain all, or parts of your health record, so please do specify any particular treatment dates or sections you wish to view.

Who else can see my records?

  • Anyone authorised in writing by the patient
  • Anyone who has parental responsibility for a child under the age of 16
  • Anyone appointed by the courts authorised in writing
  • A representative of a deceased patient authorised in writing

What happens next?

  • The Access to Health Records Officer will either deal with the access request directly, or request further details from you, the patient, to ensure that they are dealing with the correct person.
  • The officer may make an administration charge of up to £50 – this depends on the cost for photocopying and postage.
  • The Officer will request that the administration fee is payable prior to you, the patient, receiving the information the Trust holds about you.
  • The Officer will comply with the request within 40 days of receipt of the fee.