Together we can fight infection

Clean your hands

We are working hard to reduce avoidable infections and to provide a clean and safe environment for patients, their relatives and our staff. We audit hand hygiene compliance monthly, with weekly spot checks.


MRSA Bacteraemia

There were no cases of hospital avoidable MRSA bacteraemias attributed to CUH in 2017/18.

Clostridium difficile

There were 67 cases of hospital-onset C. difficile in 2017/18 which represents a slight rise compared to recent years.

Information for patients and visitors

There is detailed information about infection control in the Addenbrooke's and Rosie Hospital sections of this website.



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Infection Control Annual Report 2017-18

This annual report collates and summarises information related to healthcare associated infection for the period from April 2017 until the end of March 2018. It also describes the management structure and oversight of the approach we take to prevent and control infection, the policies and procedures we use and the methodologies employed for assurance.

Infection Control Annual Report 2017-18