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Clean your hands

We are working hard to reduce avoidable infections and to provide a clean and safe environment for patients, their relatives and our staff. We audit hand hygiene compliance monthly, with weekly spot checks.


In 2015/16 there were eight MRSA bloodstream infections in total, three of which were hospital acquired (defined as being diagnosed after 48 hours of hospital stay) but were all assigned as ‘non-trajectory’ cases as no lapse in care was identified on review.

However, a blood culture taken on admission that subsequently turned out to be a contaminant of the blood sampling process (i.e. skin colonization and not a true infection) was assigned to the Trust as these should not occur.

Yearly MRSA bacteraemia data

Clostridium difficile

In 2015/16, there were 53 patients with C. difficile infection, compared to 54 in 2014/15.

Yearly Clostridium difficile data

All cases of Trust attributed C. difficile infection continue to be reviewed in detail by a multi-disciplinary scrutiny panel, which includes representation from the local healthcare commissioners. The aim of the panel meetings is to establish if there were any lapses in care provided by the Trust to patients with C. difficile infection and to identify any actions that could be implemented to prevent any further cases. Twenty six of the 53 cases were considered by the review panel to be ‘non-trajectory cases’, whereby it was agreed they were unavoidable as best practice was followed. Twenty seven were therefore considered to be avoidable. Lapses in care that were frequently recognised as contributing to these cases included delays in time to isolation and delays in sending a sample. These and other themes were fed back to clinical staff to ensure learning (Figure 5).

The target for 2016/17 has been set at no more than 49 hospital-acquired cases.

Information for patients and visitors

There is detailed information about infection control in the Addenbrooke's and Rosie Hospital sections of this website.

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Infection Control Annual Report 2015/2016

This report collates and summarises information on healthcare associated infection that has been presented to commissioners of healthcare and the Trust Board throughout the year from April 2015 until the end of March 2016. It has been written for all those who use the Trust, either as patients, relatives of patients, visitors, or members of staff.