Together - Safe | Kind | Excellent

We are at our best for patients and colleagues when we live these values and this is the heartbeat of the Trust.

Our shared values and behaviours were developed by our patients and staff. They are the foundation on which we build and deliver exceptional care. They apply at all times in our interactions with patients, with their families, with colleagues and our partners across the health system. All of us, whatever our role, are only here because of our patients, and it is our privilege to serve them. Every one of us is expected to think about, and to be aware of, what we are doing to live up to our shared values every day and to support each other to give our patients the best care possible based on these values. All three values carry equal weight.

Safe: I never walk past, I always speak up

Kind: I always take care of the people around me

Excellent: I'm always looking for a better way

Our values can be applied to the smallest and largest of tasks we do every day; each matters and make a difference to the people we help. 

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