Staff Experience and Employee Engagement

Every year, employees at CUH take part in both external and internal staff surveys.

The Staff Surveys are one of the best ways to share feedback about your experience as a staff member at CUH. Senior managers in the NHS - both nationally and in our organisation - use results from this survey to inform strategies on how to improve care for patients and working conditions for staff. There are 2 types of surveys that staff are asked to participate in:

  1. The Family and Friends Test survey - this is our local survey, and the data from this is used to inform local action plans. This takes place 3 times a year.
  2. The National Staff Survey - this survey is received by NHS staff around the country, and the data from this is used to benchmark us against other NHS hospitals, as well as informing our local action plans. This takes place every year around about October to December.

Staff recommendation of the organisation as a place to work or receive treatment is still above average when compared to all acute trusts.

  • 49% of staff responded to the national staff survey October – December 2017
  • 67% of Staff extremely likely /likely to recommend as a place to work showing a 2% increase from 2016
  •  58% of staff feel valued and recognised in their place of work
  • 79% of staff  stated “ I am proud to work for this organisation”
  • 77% of staff stated “ overall, I enjoy working at CUH
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