2016-17 Quarter 3

Summaries of third quarter audits with full report downloads

4057 NCEPOD –Treat as One

Bridging the gap between mental and physical healthcare  provided to patients admitted to general hospitals, many staff reported a lack of knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health conditions

4688 National Prostate Cancer Audit, Patient Survey on Treatment effects

Overall achieving good outcome, need to continue to improve data completeness and quality. Work underway with EPIC Team.

5039 on-going audit re completion of pain assessment

Shows continued improvement

5080 18 week pathway for children referred to CUH for ketogenic therapy

Average time to starting therapy improved (epic impact positive )

5081 End of Life

Prescribing PRN medications improved at 80%

5254 Newborn hearing

KP1 NH2 target for this quarter achieved at 93% excellent given increased  

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