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Our achievements

Sometimes our work makes national headlines, sometimes the everyday things we do make significant differences to our patients.

CUH is top for…


'Gene reading' - powerful tool in the fight against debilitating diseases

In the busy department of Clinical genetics we met with Ann Kershaw, consultant genetic counsellor, and Dr Geoff Woods, honorary consultant clinical geneticist to see what is involved in their daily routine.

Palliative care researcher wins Florence Nightingale scholarship

Allison Bentley, research associate in the department of palliative care, has been awarded a Florence Nightingale Foundation research scholarshp 2012.

Robot ‘surgeon’ performs 1000 prostate operations at Addenbrooke’s

Robotic surgery at Addenbrooke's has helped 1000 men to receive the best cancer treatment, a record in the NHS.


You Made a Difference awards - January

PPE expert Michael makes a difference