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Our achievements

Sometimes our work makes national headlines, sometimes the everyday things we do make significant differences to our patients.

CUH is top for…


You Made a Difference winners - March

Rebecca O’Shaunghnessy was picked out from 63 nominations for March’s You Made a Difference award for her ‘energy, drive and enthusiasm’ in a successful flu campaign.

You Made a Difference winners - February

February’s You Made a Difference awards were given to a nurse who has excelled since stepping up to be a senior sister and to the head of the Trust’s medical equipment library service.

Cambridge partnership boosts access to genetic testing

CUH Addenbrooke’s and Cambridge start-up GeneAdviser have developed a new online service which makes the ordering of genetic tests quicker and easier.

You Made a Difference awards - January

Aimi Day was recognised with a You Made a Difference award for January for her hard work and the support she provides to her colleagues in the Emergency Department, exemplified by a kind gesture during the Christmas period.

You Made a Difference team award winners - December 2015

The You Made a Difference team award for the final quarter of the 2015 went to ward J3 for their sterling work and dedication.

CUH consultant awarded 'Nobel Prize of neurosurgery'

Professor Peter Hutchinson has been awarded the Herbert Olivecrona award, known as the 'Nobel Prize of neurosurgery'

You Made a Difference awards - December

Ward sister Charlotte Foster’s leadership skills on C6 were recognised with a You Made a Difference awards for December, while healthcare assistant Lee Edwards picked up his November award at the presentation.

Low cost, safe and accurate test could help diagnose rare childhood cancers

A non-invasive, low cost blood test that could help doctors diagnose some types of malignant childhood tumour has been developed by researchers at CUH and the University of Cambridge.

Pathology training centre launched to meet growing demand

CUH has launched a new service to train current and future healthcare professionals in administering blood and other clinical tests to meet the growing demand in the community.

You Made a Difference award - November

CEO Roland Sinker presented his first You Made a Difference award yesterday alongside our Chair Jane Ramsey and there was a deserved winner in FY1 doctor Clare Freer, who is predicted to have a bright future by a senior consultant.

Couple pay tribute to Rosie Hospital ‘heroes’ who saved their baby’s life

Karen Anderson and her partner Steve Smith have paid tribute to the ‘heroes’ at the Rosie who saved the life of their critically ill son after he was born at 30 weeks.

Physical activity should not be a hurdle for cancer patients

A leading cancer specialist at CUH Addenbrooke’s is calling for a nationwide research programme to discover why many current and former cancer patients appear to be ignoring advice about leading a healthy lifestyle.

‘You Made A Difference’ award winners – October 2015

Radiology/x-ray courier Martin Henry and midwifery sister Marion Daines were picked out from a strong entry for October’s ‘You Made A Difference’ awards for going above and beyond the call of duty in extremely challenging circumstances.

CUH nurse scoops academic study grant to develop app to help intensive care patients communicate

A CUH research nurse has won a prestigious study grant to improve the care of patients on intensive care units by developing the use of an app to help them communicate.

Splint to protect ‘funny bone’ nerve wins healthcare innovation competition

A CUH consultant has won an award to develop a splint to protect the ulnar nerve, commonly called the ‘funny bone’.


You Made a Difference awards - January

PPE expert Michael makes a difference