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2023 Governor elections

Candidate governors are elected to our Council of Governors each year by Foundation Trust members. Governors are the interface between the Trust membership – patients, public and staff – and the Board of Directors who have operational responsibility for running our hospitals.

There are 19 elected governors on the Council of Governors:

  • Eight are from the patient membership
  • Seven are from the public membership
  • Four are from the staff membership

The remaining governors are appointed by other organisations such as Cambridge City Council and the University of Cambridge.

To stand for election or vote, you will need to become a CUH Foundation Trust Member.

This spring, there are seven vacancies on the Council of Governors:

  • Three vacancies for patient governors (all with a three-year term of office)
  • Three vacancies for public governors (all with a three-year term of office)
  • One vacancy for staff governors (with a three-year term of office)

Nominations have closed.

Voting will open on Monday 17 April and close on Monday 15 May at 17:00.

The full elections timetable can be accessed below.

What is a Governor?

Governors have an interest in the care we provide at CUH and are dedicated to help us provide high-quality services to our local community.

Governors play an important role as they are a link between our Trust membership (patient, public and staff) and the Board of Directors who have the operational responsibility for running our hospitals. One of the key duties of a governor is to be an effective voice to represent our Foundation Trust members’ views and needs where decisions are being made.

What does the role involve?

Governors will attend meetings and discussions to contribute towards the work and future developments of the trust as well as being responsible for holding the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board. Whilst Governors are expected to work collaboratively together in the best interests of the Trust, they are also for representing the interests of the constituency from which they have been elected or appointed.

They are also invited to join member’s events such as listening sessions, hosting Medicine for Members lectures and more.

What support are provided for Governors to help them carry out their duties?

Governors will be provided with the necessary training and support to get started in the role, and continue to develop once elected or appointed.

How much commitment is required?

The Trust recognises that all Governors will have different amounts of time to commit to the role.

The absolute minimum involvement is attending one in three Council of Governor meetings, but to be effective in the role, Governors are encouraged to get involved in a wider range of activities.

How does the election process work?

Governors are normally elected for a term of three years. However, some governors may serve a shorter term, for example if they are replacing a governor who has stood down early. The elections are usually staggered so each year approximately one third of the governors in each constituency are up for elections.

If the number of candidates in a particular membership constituency is equal to or less than the number of vacancies, the candidates are elected unopposed. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies, an election is held.

If an election is held, ballot papers are sent (hard copy or electronically) to all members in the particular constituency. Each member will receive one vote per vacancy in their constituency. At the conclusion of the ballot, the highest scoring candidate/s will be elected to the Council of Governors.

If you would like to vote in the Council of Governor elections you need to become a member.  Public and patient members can join today by completing the online application form. It's free and your chance to have a say in who will represent your views on the Council.

Can I become a Foundation Trust member and vote in the elections if I work at CUH?

All CUH employees and volunteers are automatically members of our Foundation Trust and are part of the staff constituency. You are entitled to vote in the upcoming Council of Governors elections – and stand for election to represent the views of staff.

Can I become a member of the Trust and vote if I provide a service or have an honorary contract?

If you are individually providing services to the Trust such as honorary contract holders, you may be eligible to apply to be a staff Foundation Trust member. If you wish to apply for staff membership please email: 

What if I am a volunteer or have contract employment at CUH? Can I become a member and vote in the upcoming elections?

If you have a contract of employment with the Trust or are a volunteer with the Trust you are automatically a (staff) member of the Trust, unless it is a fixed term contract of less than 12 months in length.

How do I become a Foundation Trust member?

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