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Pay and timesheet information

Information about payment, timesheets and holiday pay.

Payment is made weekly directly into your bank or building society account for work undertaken the previous week.

You will also be able to accrue a paid annual leave entitlement.  The annual leave year from 01 to 31 March of the following year and depending on the number of hours you work, you can accrue up to a maximum of 210 hours per year.

It will be your responsibility to claim  your paid annual leave within the current annual leave year, as entitlements cannot be carried over to the following year, but to find out your entitlement you can visit the Staff Bank Office in person, call us on 01223 596300 or ext 596300, or email staffbank.services.enquiries@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

Holiday pay:

As a Staff Bank temporary worker, you will start accruing holiday pay as soon as you begin work through the Staff Bank. For approximately every 9 hours worked, 1 hour holiday pay is accrued up to the maximum allowance for the year.

This annual leave can be taken on any day that the temporary worker is not working in the Trust.