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Preceptorship at Cambridge University Hospital is an exciting opportunity to take ownership of your career at CUH and work to transition into your role as a registered member of our team, promoting our values of Together Safe, Kind and Excellent.

Preceptorship is a time following registration as a health care professional whether on completion of an education programme or following a break from practice.

We all know that good support and guidance during this period is essential. Newly registered practitioners who manage the transition successfully are able to provide effective care more quickly, feel better about their role and are more likely to remain within the profession.

We look forward to welcoming newly registered staff on our Trust Corporate Induction.  Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Care Professional then undertake inter-professionals learning during their first year at CUH. This is a collaborative journey which we look forward to joining you on.

Meet the Team 

We work as part of the Clinical Education Support Team, providing education, facilitation, support and development


Cate Morgan
Senior Nurse Preceptorship







Emma Russell
Operational lead for Preceptorship