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Our wards and units - cancer

D9, a fast paced 33 bedded Oncology ward which cares for patients needing assessment, management of the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy and end of life care. The ward delivers chemotherapy to inpatients. Nurses develop expert discharge skills especially for patients who need to be fast tracked.

C10, is a Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit which has 16 beds. The ward performs autologous and allogenic transplants and manages the acute phases of the patient in the post transplant period. There is a strong emphasis on infection control and intravenous support when caring for this patient group

D6 also is a Haematology ward and it has 11 beds, the ward cares for all haematology patients except those undergoing allogenic transplants. It cares for the newly diagnosed patients through to end of life care.

C9 delivers cancer care to teenage and young adult patients (14 -24yrs); both inpatient and outpatient care takes place on the ward. The patients may have either haematological cancers or solid tumour. The ward has facilities which allow for the care of the patient and the whole family.

M4 is a surgical ward which provides care for patients with cancer (and some non cancer conditions) specialising in urological and upper gastro-intestinal surgery. You will have opportunities to develop technical skills and to support patients on their route to recovery via the enhanced recovery programme.

Our day units deliver a range of chemotherapies and supportive therapies to patients as outpatients.Haematology Day Unit (E10): due for relocation and expansion in 2017, patients with haematological conditions and cancers are treated and followed up on this unit.

Apheresis Unit: planned for relocation in 2017, patients undergo highly specialised procedures including plasma exchange, red cell exchange, ECP (extra-corporeal photophoresis) for a complication of stem cell transplantation, and stem cell harvests are performed.

Cancer Assessment Unit: this team is part of the wider Acute Oncology Service. Nurses triage, assess and treat patients known to us on this unit, which is planned for expansion to 9 beds in 2017.

Oncology Day Unit: the unit has 16 treatment spaces and delivers anti-cancer therapies & supportive treatments to patients including chemotherapy to patients with solid tumours.


We are lucky to have a range of other services to support our work in the clinical areas. We have a strong team of practice development nurses, specialist nurses , research trials nurses and a Cancer Assessment Unit for acutely unwell patients.