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What types of roles are on offer?

There are apprenticeships available in different areas of the hospital.

Entry Level Apprenticeships: If you are looking for your first job in this type of role these offer an apprenticeship contract with an apprenticeship wage.

Business administration:

Administrators handle the day-to-day tasks in an office and make sure things run smoothly. The term ‘administration’ covers roles that involve organising people and resources, including, executive assistants, secretaries, administration assistants, data entry clerks and office juniors. Without them, information would be hard to find, meetings would be missed and businesses would be less productive. We recruit for these roles on a regular basis.

Customer Service:

Customer service can be covered in many administration roles and also in receptionist and call centre positions.

We also have a Patient Support Apprentice role where apprentices carry out a range of duties both in administration and basic patient care and communication within wards and clinics, but without as much responsibility or intimate care involvement as a healthcare support worker. These apprentices will study the customer service qualification.  The roles are expected to be available and advertised over the summer 2017.

Healthcare science:

Almost any patient investigation or treatment depends on the work done by healthcare scientists.

Many healthcare scientists work in the background, unseen by the patients whose diagnosis and recovery depends so much on their expertise. But there are others who are directly involved in patient care.

Most healthcare scientists are also involved in research, developing new methods of detecting and monitoring disease, designing new equipment, and introducing treatments that will help improve health prospects for everyone.

Entry level apprentices working within the sciences tend to work in the laboratory environment dealing with labelling and testing samples. We usually recruit to these roles twice a year. There may be vacancies coming up over the summer 2017

Advanced and Higher Level Apprenticeships

for those with previous qualifications that meet the criteria (specified in the advert) and have the ability and experience to work in the appropriate banded role

Alternative Routes into Nursing

If you are interested in gaining a job as a healthcare support worker with the aim of gaining higher qualifications and possibly a degree in nursing – via an apprenticeship route there are roles for this. These will be advertised intermittently on our ‘latest vacancies’ pages

Other Apprenticeships:

Many job roles in the hospital now have the ability to be offered with a suitable apprenticeship qualification to assist in enhancing your skills further, subject to the meeting certain criteria. It is worth asking at interview if an apprenticeship qualification can be offered in due course.
More information on apprenticeships and further opportunities will be offered later in 2017