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Details of how to apply and some tips to help you complete your application.

Apply by visiting latest opportunities and completing the application online.

Listed below some tips to help you complete your application:

  • We are looking for candidates who demonstrate a potential to progress in their role, so on your application form show how keen you are! We simply want to see a motivation to commit to your apprenticeship.
  • You may want to draw from your experiences at home, or your friends and family. What motivates you to do well? What do you most enjoy when you’re not at school? What activities have you done/ observed that make you want to know a bit more about a particular topic?

  • What skills and activities do you enjoy in your leisure time? For example, are you the main organiser amongst all of your friends and always sort the time and place out where everyone should meet? Do you like to make sure everyone is properly prepared and ready when they go out?  Alternatively, are you a ‘hands on’ person who enjoys being active and getting things done?

Above all we are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic and demonstrate a keen commitment to their apprenticeship.

You can apply online for an apprenticeship opportunity when they become available.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to telephone the work opportunities team on 01223 274234