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Reverend Dr Alasdair Coles

Chaplain and Neurologist

Alasdair Coles is a doctor and has a part-time post in the chaplaincy supporting members of staff. Please feel free to contact him, through the chaplaincy.
Reverend Dr Alasdair Coles

Alasdair believes that:

  • Staff working at Addenbrooke’s are under tremendous pressure and can sometimes do with a listening ear.
  • Being compassionate with our patients and colleagues can be costly and difficult. It may help to talk to others who are struggling with the same issues.
  • Complaints against staff should be a helpful indicator of where we need to change; but there are times when the staff involved feel undermined and low.  The chaplaincy understands this and would like to help.
  • Conflict is normal in the workplace. Usually this is dealt with by the goodwill of all involved. Sometimes it can help to have an independent person, outside of the hospital hierarchy, reflect on the situation. The chaplaincy offers this service.
  • Spiritual health is an important part of holistic healthcare. Sensitive discussion of our patients’ faith and spiritual resources should be routine amongst healthcare workers.


  • Alasdair has worked at Addenbrooke’s since 1994 as a neurologist and is involved in research. He has been closely involved in the development of alemtuzumab as a treatment of multiple sclerosis. He is also one of the medical advisers to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of the UK. He is also researching the spirituality of people with neurological disease. See his research group website
  • One of Alasdair’s main responsibilities is overseeing the training of junior doctors training in neurology across the region. This includes helping trainees in difficulty.
  • Alasdair is ordained in the Church of England
  • Alasdair is on the Royal College of Physicians’ Committee on Ethical Issues in Medicine.