Graham Green

Public Governor

Public Governor - Graham Green

Graham Green was elected as a Public Governor in July 2019.

He retired from a career in business and financial management 6 years ago having been diagnosed with cancer. 

Following successful treatment at Addenbrooke’s, standing for election provided the opportunity to give something back using his professional skill set and to support the dedicated staff who contribute so much to the success and reputation of the Trust.

Although originally qualified as a banker, Graham’s career involved senior management and director positions in several sectors, including healthcare.

His focus has been on strategic planning, process re-engineering and financial management.   

Graham is looking forward to utilising his commercial skills during his time as a Governor but also wants to represent, and strengthen ties with, communities like his that are outside the Cambridge conurbation.

Graham lives in a village in north Essex with his wife and youngest of their three children. 

His outside interests include the Arts, architecture and antiques. Earlier this year, he set up a business through which he hopes to support local charities in their fundraising efforts.