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When pregnancy goes wrong

Being pregnant and giving birth has never been without risk to mother or baby. It is a very sad and difficult time for everyone when the outcome for either of them is not good, sometimes very unexpectedly, at what should be a very happy time. The maternity service wants to support you through this and be open and honest.

Sadly, some women may have to face an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage or the death of the baby.

If your pregnancy ends in this way, you will need information and support.

Talk to the people close to you about how you feel, and to your midwife, doctor or health visitor about what's happened and why. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone outside your circle of family and friends. There are lots of organisations offering information and support, including those listed below.

In some pregnancies, the baby dies before he or she born (known as stillbirth) or soon after (neonatal death). Around 4,000 babies are stillborn in the UK each year, and a similar number die soon after birth. Losing a baby in this way is a huge shock. 

In some pregnancies, tests will detect a serious abnormality in the baby. You will probably be very shocked if you’re told this diagnosis, and will need to take time to think things through. 

Rosie bereavement support

The bereavement support team are a team of specialist midwives who can support you through this time. Contact the confidential phone line 01223 217619 or e-mail rosie.bereavementservice@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

Petals counselling service

Petals is a charity that works alongside the clinical team at the Rosie to deliver a specialist counselling service dedicated to the psychological care and wellbeing of women and their partners. The counsellors are all fully registered and have undergone specialist training to attain ‘Petals approved’ status; this guarantees a high standard of experience and expertise in the field of perinatal counselling care.

Your midwife, consultant or GP can refer you to Petals and may well suggest this during a consultation, or you can telephone Petals on 0300 688 0068, or email counselling@petalscharity.org

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