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Charity raising awareness of the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy

It is recommended that all pregnant women should avoid drinking alcohol because it increases the risk of miscarriage.

It may also result in permanent damage to your baby's brain development, which can lead to learning and behavioural difficulties for your child in the future. When you drink alcohol during pregnancy the alcohol transfers to the placenta via the bloodstream. Your baby’s liver is not fully formed so cannot process alcohol to get it out of his or her system in the same way as an adult can.

If you choose to drink alcohol, it is recommended that you do not drink more than one to two UK units once or twice a week, and you should not get drunk or binge drink. One unit is equal to a single measure of spirits (25ml) or a half a pint of ordinary strength lager, cider or beer. A small glass of wine (125ml) is equal to 1.5 UK units. (NICE guidelines 2008)

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