Postnatal depression

Emotional wellbeing

Most women experience an assortment of feelings in the first few days after they have had a baby. These can range from extreme happiness to mood swings of anxiety, exhaustion and tearfulness.

These feelings are often part of the ‘baby blues’ which affect around 50-80% of women. It is not known why the blues occur but they are very common and can occur anytime within the first 10 days after birth. The feelings are usually short lived and most women describe feeling more like themselves within a few hours or days.

Some women may experience more severe mood changes - often described as postnatal depression - after they have had a baby. Characteristics of postnatal depression may include: feeling low most days, lack of interest or pleasure in normal activities, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, tearfulness, irritability and anxiety. This list is not exhaustive. If you think you are suffering from postnatal depression or have concerns about any symptoms you may be experiencing then seek advice from your doctor, midwife or health visitor.

When you have just left hospital with your new baby you may have lots of questions you want to ask about your experience of giving birth. Birth afterthoughts is a confidential service run by the Rosie midwives aimed at giving you the opportunity to discuss and understand what has happened at the birth of your baby. You can bring your partner along and it doesn’t matter how long ago your baby was born.

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