Ultrasound baby scans in pregnancy

Women with diabetes, twins or other specific clinical indications will be offered additional scans, the number of which will depend on their specific situation.

These will be discussed at antenatal clinic appointments. Further scans may also be offered to other women depending on their history/concerns regarding their pregnancy.

Growth scan

If your doctor or midwife is concerned about the baby’s growth, an additional scan will be requested and will be arranged by the scan department. At this time, the sonographer will measure the baby’s size and the amount of fluid around the baby.

Placental localisation scan

If the position of the placenta is close to the birth canal, we will ask you to return at 32 or 36 weeks to check its position again. Depending on where the placenta is, we may need to perform a transvaginal (internal) scan to see the edge of the placenta correctly. If it is still low, we will arrange for you to see a doctor. Normally, the placenta will move away from the lower part of the uterus (womb) and the birth canal as pregnancy progresses.

Uterine artery Doppler scan

This is a scan which measures the blood flow from your uterus to the placenta and is done at 22-24 weeks. This blood flow measurement helps us to predict how well the placenta will function towards the end of pregnancy. If the uterine artery Doppler scan shows that the placenta may not work so well towards the end of pregnancy, we will monitor you and the baby closely throughout the remainder of the pregnancy.

Cervical length scan

This is an internal scan which is performed between 16 and 22 weeks and is requested for women who have had previous cervical surgery and/or mid pregnancy losses.

The scan report

You will be given a written report of the scan findings after every scan. You should keep this report in your handheld maternity notes. We also keep a copy in your hospital notes. If you have any queries either during the scan or afterwards, please ask your sonographer as we would wish to resolve any anxieties as soon as possible.