Transferring babies to other units

Our aim at the Rosie is to provide you with the best possible care and to keep you informed along the way. Everyone hopes that their pregnancy will be uncomplicated by any form of emergency.

Few people consider the possibility that their baby could be born some weeks before the due date, or might need to be given special care for the first few days, weeks or even months after the birth.

Sometimes babies are born early, or your doctor may decide your baby needs to be delivered early. In these cases your baby may need to be cared for in our neonatal unit where we provide specialist care and facilities for more than 1000 sick and newborn babies each year. 

As the Rosie provides a specialist service, we provide care for the most critically ill newborn babies in the eastern region and sometimes beyond. This means that there is high demand for our service; and on occasions the capacity in the neonatal unit is such that we need to transfer care to another local hospital.

If your doctor decides you need an early delivery and it is appropriate in your case, we may need to transfer you for the safety of you and your baby. Likewise, if your baby is already in the neonatal unit but well on the way to recovery, we may need to transfer the rest of the care to another hospital until your baby is ready to be discharged home.

Where possible, care is transferred to a hospital as close as possible to mothers’ homes.

These are difficult decisions to make and we are sensitive to the impact that transfer to another hospital can have at an already difficult time. We always do our utmost to avoid transfer to another hospital and the reasons for transfer will always be fully discussed with you. The Rosie works together with a network of other hospitals and will ensure that you and your baby are transferred to a unit where you will receive the appropriate level of care.