Caesarean section

Hannah Missfelder-Lobos

Consultant and Specialty Lead in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine
Hannah Missfelder-Lobos

It’s very rewarding that you can provide excellent care so that your experience of birth, and time at the Rosie, is a positive one.

A caesarean is elective if it is planned in advance. This usually happens when your doctor or midwife believes that this would be safer than a vaginal delivery for you or your baby.

Whenever a caesarean is suggested, your doctor will explain why it is advised, and any possible side effects. Don't hesitate to ask questions. You will have an appointment with an obstetrician in clinic 21 who will give you a date for your caesarean along with a consent form for you to take away and read. The operation is usually performed in the week before your baby’s due date. 

You will be asked to attend a pre-operative appointment with a midwife in clinic 21, within 7 days before the date of your operation. The midwife will discuss the procedures and ask to take a urine sample, blood tests and skin swabs for MRSA screening. She/he will also give you two doses of tablets called ranitidine, which will help reduce the acid in your stomach and prevent sickness.

On the day of your elective caesarean section please go straight to Lady Mary ward.

If your operation is in the morning:

  • please arrive at 07:00
  • take the first dose of ranitidine at 22:00 the night before
  • do not eat from midnight
  • you can drink water until 06:00 and take the second dose of ranitidine

If your operation is in the afternoon:

  • please arrive at 09:30
  • take the first dose of ranitidine at 06:00
  • do not eat from 06:00
  • you can drink water until 10:00 and take the second dose of ranitidine

Please have a bath/shower before you come in, removing all jewellery, make up and nail varnish. You are likely to need to have any hair around the site of the operation removed. Please do not shave the hair yourself; the healthcare team will do this for you.

You will be asked to wait in the admission lounge on the ward, so please only bring in essential items such as your slippers and dressing gown as there will be nowhere to store other belongings. Your bag can be brought in later when you are back on the ward after the operation.

You will be seen by an obstetrician and an anaesthetist on the ward. It is important to remember your antenatal care record (hand held notes) and consent form.