Amanda Rowley
Head of Midwifery
Selina Halsall Crowgey
Specialised Bereavement Midwife
Irene Miotto
Lead Midwife for Antenatal and Newborn Screening
Becky Anderson
Midwife and Professional Midwifery Advocate
Helene Coles
Senior Midwife
Stacy Hayden
Lead Midwife for Sara Ward
Sophie Clements
Lead Midwife for Practice Development
Toni Van Voorst
Safeguarding Midwife
Cathy Bevens
Lead midwife for safety and governance
Lesley Bennett
Lead Midwife for Diabetes
Shahla Bakhtiari
Perineal Trauma Specialist Midwife
Claire Parker
Consultant Midwife
Narjes Poorabdian
Lead Midwife for Antenatal Care
Alberto Rodriguez-Cala
Lead Midwife for Delivery Unit